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Illustrations done for a children's story titled "The Butterfly and the Elephant", written by Aruna Raman. The story is a 5 year old boy's journey understanding taboo topics like "depression" and "anxiety", handled in a wise and imaginative way by the author. This project was a ton of fun, and sparked something different in me!


Watercolours done for a friend's wedding, as part of their wedding invitation and poster design. 

I’ve known Anjali since school. Even back then she always had a knack for deftly visualising things and stylising her doodles like no one else could. And now, many years later, she has grown into a full-fledged artist with a daringly unique eye. Working with her was a joy, and she really helped personalise my wedding in such a lovely, intimate way. She picked up on our suggestions and created the watercolours much better than we had even visualised them. Her take on the farmhouse- one of the venues for the event- was especially important to us and now sits proudly framed in the space it was based on!! Anjali is easy to work with, charges more than fairly for her talent, and is a gem to know. I can’t recommend her enough! - Apoorva Srinath, friend and client


Created the illustration on this mug as part of a care package. The client's friend, to whom it was gifted likes cats, South Indian cuisine and fresh produce from farmer's markets, and this was to be reflected in the finished artwork. 

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Anjie Mangie Art

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